A CATALYST FOR SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS ... that is the mission of Metro Broward Economic Development Corporation, a Certified Community Development Financial Instituion (CDFI) and Small Business Success Center located in Lauderhill, (Greater Ft. Lauderdale) FL.


As a mission-driven organization, MetroBroward constantly strives to develop new, innovative ways to measure the impact of our small business growth and development services. Ultimately, the success of our clients measures the success of MetroBroward. To that end, we utilize timely and effective impact analysis processes to govern our internal strategic planning to ensure that our clients, investors and the community are receiving the maximum return on their investments. Studies show that businesses originating within a community have an 85% chance of remaining in that community as they mature -- providing jobs and boosting the local economy.

The most common economic impact indicators in our business are:

  • Dollar amounts and number of business loans disbursed
  • Number of jobs created/retained and change in aggregated payroll
  • Number of businesses financed that are minority controlled
  • Number of businesses financed that are controlled by low-income residents
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