A CATALYST FOR SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS ... that is the mission of Metro Broward Economic Development Corporation, a Certified Community Development Financial Instituion (CDFI) and Small Business Success Center located in Lauderhill, (Greater Ft. Lauderdale) FL.

Whether you're a current or prospective small business owner, you've clicked into the right place to receive the professional assistance your business or business idea needs to reach its next level of growth. Welcome to the MetroBroward Small Business Success Center - A Certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). 

Since 1989, MetroBroward has served as a catalyst for the growth and expansion of small businesses in Broward County, by injecting them with mentoring and growth capital -- with the near term expectations of job creation and the establishment of a lending relationship with a conventional lender. Our success is due to the continued investments and support from our banking partners, private sector investors, state and local government and our clients.



MetroBroward is the only Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) in Broward County dedicated to small business lending.  We are certified through the US Department of the Treasury.  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit “community lending institution” and we make direct loans to small businesses.

MetroBroward is a pre-conventional bank lender.  We make loans to early stage companies until they are able to qualify for conventional bank loans.

MetroBroward is an economic development partner with Broward County, Florida .  We have made over $4MM in loans which has resulted in the creation of over 2,500 jobs in Broward County .  Our loans also help growing companies retain jobs.

MetroBroward is a client retention resource for conventional banks.  Bankers refer their “not yet” depositors to us for loans and we partner with bankers to help our borrowers meet the bank’s lending criteria and provide a smooth transition to a conventional bank loan.

MetroBroward is a CRA compliance partner for banking institutions.  We are a Community Development Entity (CDE) and banks receive compliance credits for donating their time, talent and treasure to our mission of uplifting low to moderate income communities.

MetroBroward is an entrepreneurial training center.  We have helped over 500 entrepreneurs establish a solid start-up foundation through our training classes.  We offer weekly forums and lectures free of charge.

MetroBroward is a one stop small business success center for entrepreneurs seeking technical assistance.  We have provided over 25,000 hours of technical assistance (business registrations, capitalization, contracts, marketing, referrals, etc.) to over 2,500 entrepreneurs.

MetroBroward is a small business incubator.  We house and nurture emerging companies in our small business incubator for 3 years until they graduate into the “open market place”.  Our graduates are from industries that include software development, nursing, import/export, etc.

MetroBroward is a resource for advice from industry experts. We have partnered with a dedicated team of experts who use their many years of industry knowledge to evaluate business issues for entrepreneurs participating in our presentation series called “An Expert Opinion”.

As we look to the future, we will continue to collaborate with our community partners to ensure that MetroBroward maintains its position as a One Stop Resource Center for Small Business Development in the County and Region. Whether its funding or education, we offer a full cadre of services to help entrepreneurs reach their business success goals.



























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